Treasure of the Dhamma ~ Dr K Sri Dhammanada

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Treasure of the Dhamma ~ Dr K Sri Dhammanada

Everywhere in the world we may witness a tremendous revival of interest in the sublime teachings of the Buddha, not only by devotees who wish to call themselves 'Buddhist' but also scholars and professionals who wish to gain insight into human nature as revealed by the enlightened religious teachers.

As such, it has become necessary to present the most important source references from the sacred texts so that scholars & students alike may have easy access to the most authoritative records of the sayings of the Buddha.

The Treasure of the Dhamma is designed primarily to cater for the needs of these seekers of the truth. This work seeks to identify the most important aspects of the teachings of the Buddha which are directly relevant to living the Buddhist way of life and to present them in accurate but straight forward translation from the original Pali scriptures. Every attempt has been made to provide source references so that the student can access to the original texts if he so desires. It's hope that this book will serve the genuine seeker of the truth in order that the sublime message of the compassionate one will be made available to all for the happiness of humanity.

Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda has compiled this book through his vast knowledge and experience on Buddhist doctrine.