Food for the Thinking Mind ~ Dr K Sri Dhammanada

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Food for the Thinking Mind ~ Dr K Sri Dhammanada

The book consists of twenty chapters each with an introduction. Quotations deal with twenty subjects, such as "Nature of the Mind", "Life is Valuable", "Speech must be Guided", "How to act Wisely" "How to lead a Married and Family Life." One can start reading the book with whatever subject one is interested in. Each quotation is given a sub-heading and is indexed for easy reference. The introduction at the banning of each chapter consists of a general discussion highlighting the compiler's own views on the subject In a way, the compiler plays the role of an experienced steward, serving dishes cooked by different chefs. He has his own dishes. Wherever source of a quotation is not given, the author is the compiler himself.

As stated in the foreword, the purpose of compiling the book is to provide an insight into human life and thereby make one's life more meaningful: "The insights to understand life's imponderables cannot be obtained at one attempt. One has to constantly strive to reach that understanding by returning to the problem over and over again until wisdom arises. Like food we need it constantly to sustain ourselves.". It is in that sense that this volume becomes 'food for the thinking mind'. It caters to the spiritual hunger of the reader.

The book is not aimed at a particular group of readers or religious followers. A single saying can be so meaningful and enlightening that it may change the whole process of thinking of an individual. As an entry from of the Buddha emphasizes,

"Though a thousand be the verses,
With words of no avail,
Better is a single line of vase,
Having heard which, one is pacified".
Dhammapada; VIII. 2.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Food For the Thinking Mind

Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2012
“Another really wonderful book that is SO readable! I would very highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to explore Buddhism more.”