How To Live Without Fear And Worry ~ Dr K Sri Dammananda

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Discover the time-tested method to overcome worry - And fill your days with happiness!

Very few people can say they are truly not affected by the fear and worry. For most people, fear and worry seem to be part and parcel of human existence.

An important step to over come fear and worry is to understand that they are our own making. They arise because of the inability to understand ourselves fullyl and to see things in the right perspective.
If fear and worry are of our own making, then it must be within our powers to overcome them.

How To Live Without Fear And Worry contains much-tested advice, collected and distilled from the wisdom from the past up to present times. it helps you to make your life more exciting and rewarding by showing how you can

- Understand worry and its source
- Overcome your worries now
- Applies the ingredients for happiness in your life
- Acquire the techniques for happy and successful living

Here, then, is the practical manual and how you can overcome your problems - Start making the most of your life TODAY!